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SOLOmedia is a fully integrated, full-service marketing, branding and digital communications firm established in 2017. We pride ourselves in delivering tangible results for a broad diversity of clients and are experts at generating new business and encouraging clients to spend their dollars wisely.

We understand clients don't buy effort — they buy outcomes. SOLOmedia Communications produces outcomes that create and maintain real value, in more places, than you ever thought possible.

Our strategies merge creative and media, achieving powerful results with engaging and relevant ideas.

SOLOmedia, expanding your reach. Growing your brand.


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SOLOmedia Communications has a depth of experience creating advertising that reaches both consumer and business audiences. Let us work with you to develop and execute an effective campaign that furthers your competitive advantage and builds equity with your target market.


Public relations is an integral marketing component that employs strategic communications in order to build relationships with your audiences. SOLOmedia Communications puts the principles of public relations into a plan with actionable steps that helps you stay in front of your market with a positive message.


SOLOmedia Communications will work with you in crafting a professional web site design for your business or personal endeavors. You'll have the functionality, look, feel, and professionalism of a high-end site.


The power of strong design affects how your message is received – whether your publication is product for the marketplace or a tool for marketing your organization. SOLOmedia Communications can package your publication projects with excellent cover design and page layout. 


SOLOmedia Communications takes pride in ensuring that your business and personal image are represented, positively, across all social media platforms. 


SOLOmedia Communications aims to help you create, monitor and measure outcomes of your marketing programs across different paid and organic channels. Campaign management is used for executing marketing strategies and developing a sales direction for optimum profits.


SOLOmedia Communications has the resources you need to sustain the right protection, from the executive suite to the front line. Our media specialists can help you frame the market conversation in your favor, and be an active and welcome presence in that dialogue. We provide the tools you need to engage with and champion positive stakeholder voices. We create outreach programs that can make a real difference in your stakeholder communities. And we help you identify and prevent predictable risks, and build a solid action plan for the unexpected.


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